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Valentine's Day

A P - Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Valentine's Day Gifting

Valentine’s Day, the day of love! In the gifting industry … (that’s you) Valentine’s Day can be a money-making holiday. I designed these boxes to make your job real simple! Here are some unique, cute gift ideas that are not only easy for you, but affordable.

You can take our basic envelope box, add cute Valentine socks, and secure it with a darling bow for not only women, but children. Inside, put candy and toys for the kids and lotions for the women, and you have my #1 selling gift. Men want to buy for their family, so having gifts for children are a sure winner.

Candy is one of the biggest Valentine gifts so, add a chocolate rose to a tall envelope box, a bow, and your favorite product, and you have a winner! The gold on this box was the liner inside the box that held the chocolate rose or make your own!

You can also put it on a white box—be creative and have fun.

My “Sparkle” box is a winner!!! A cute puff glitter bow and a stick-on glitter heart: aww how romantic!

Use your imagination to create your own personal, unique Valentine gifts!


solid red, black houndstooth, solid white, solid black

Pairs well with:

hearts and red trinkets, red/black sparkle ribbon, red/black/white tulle puff bows (

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